How Bad Is a Bad Audition?

As most of you know, I am a career coach and specialize in helping actors address the specific issues that plague them in their careers—issues that are hard to overcome by reading books or attending group classes. One of my students recently wrote to me, and I think that her experience is so prevalent that I wanted to post her question and my answer here.
“I auditioned for a regional company that I have always wanted to work with. They always have a season that I love and feel is perfect for me. When I first auditioned for them, it wasn’t one of my better days, but I told myself I was doing the right thing by auditioning despite the circumstances.
The following season, another casting call rolled around for this theater. I submitted, and they emailed me back saying that they remembered my work and they didn’t want to waste time seeing me again. It made me feel sick. This is something that has never happened to me before. It wasn’t as if I wasn’t right for their company; I think I just made a bad impression at that first audition.
Did I mess something up by going to that audition? This situation has made it difficult for me to get out there to audition for anything at all. Is this

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