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PHOTOS: Fall Media Mixer

A heartfelt thank you to all those who came out in support of our 2016 Fall Media Mixer on October 10th, 2016. Event Photography generously supplied by Sharon Daniels Media. We are especially grateful for the support of our wonderful sponsors for this event, including: Sharon Daniels Media Bonnie Vee ReelArc John Khinda Laura Fanelli John Varina Mark Bennington Photography Wolf City Voice & Mickele Hakala-Wolf Bob Van Lindt David Bold Tommy McInnis Erin Cronican Brandon Walker Sifu Cecil Howsen The Actors Enterprise Thanks to each of you for supporting the NY Actor’s Tweetup!

PHOTOS: June 6th 2016 Spring Networking & Garden Party

Thank you to all who came out to our Spring Networking & Garden Party! And a special shout out to those actors, filmmakers & and service providers who took advantage of our promotional offer. Thank you for participating in & supporting the NY Actors Tweetup! Special thanks to: Jakub Redziniak, Reelarc, Actors Launchpad, Michelle Hakala Wolf, Kinja Dixon, Sharon Daniels Photography, Barry Morgenstein, Sifu Cecil Howsen, Bonnie Vee NYC, ICX Media, The Actors’ Enterprise, Ronnie Caldwell, Charles Hinshaw, Melody Mokhtarian, Melissa Hardy, Angela Ramirez, Grant Fisher, Russ DiBello, Sarah Grace Sanders, Benjamin Sulds, Tommy Writes and Vincent Veloso Event Photography...

Oct 20, 2015 VIPs

    A special thank you to the following NY Actor’s Tweetup members who participated in our featured headshot promotion: Ana-Maria Bandean, Ariel Eliaz, Brandon Walker, Bob van Lindt, Cat Kiiza, Clayton Stocker Myers, Cynthia Shaw, Daniel Jordano, Dennis Matos, Erin Cronican, Evan Balmer & Adam Black of Balmer Black, P.C., Jeanne Mailloux, Jennifer Lawson, Joe Harkins (a.k.a Real Beard Santa Joe), Dialect Coach, Jordan Yanco, Keni Fine, Raja RG, Russ DiBello, Certified Kung-Fu Master, Sifu-Cecil Howsen, Steve Lichtenstein, Tola K, The Actors’ Enterprise, Tommy McInnis, and Vincent Farr.