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Thank you for your interest in advertising with the NY Actors Tweetup!

We represent actors & entertainment professionals in the Film, TV & Theater industry in the New York City area, who are specifically interested in personal & professional products &/or services related to the entertainment industry.


Our Promise

We value our membership – both having earned & keeping their trust is of paramount importance to us. As we continue to grow it is our aim to keep the number of advertisements, served via email to our members on a periodic basis, to a minimum. And, we will make best efforts not to allow similar or competing products to advertise within the same time frame.


About Us

Since our group’s inception in 2010, we have been very selective about the 3rd party events & services we help promote. Typically we send 2-3 email newsletter announcements per month: usually an initial event announcement, a follow up announcement & a day-of reminder. We also actively engage with our online communities, the most prominent of which are on Facebook and Twitter.  There are a variety of ways we can work together to help the NYC entertainment community connect with valuable good & services such as yours. If you are interested in having us help promote your event, product, school, class or service, please consider the options below.


Available Advertising Options

1) Newsletter Advertising

Option A: Ad Space

Dedicated, clickable ad space in at least 2 newsletters per period* plus, your clickable logo on the event ticketing page on our website.
Cost:             $99 $49

Option B: Solo Send

A dedicated email blast to our membership announcing your product &/or services.
Cost:            $275 $134


2) Newsletter Advertising + Social Media Promotion

Dedicated, clickable ad space in at least 2 newsletters per period* with additional weekly promotion on Facebook & Twitter leading up to the date of our next event. Plus inclusion of your clickable logo on the event ticketing page on our website.
Cost:            $199 $97


3) Promotional Table + Dedicated Newsletter

Love to connect face-to-face but also looking for room to display your promotional items? We can offer you a dedicated area at one of our events. When you purchase a table at one of our events, you will be credited as the event’s co-sponsor and your company name will be included in our online event marketing materials & promotions. Plus we’ll send a dedicated email about your product or service(s) after the event.
Cost:            $450 $220


Interested in one of the above options? Contact for availability.


*Note: NY Actors Tweetup events are generally held on a monthly basis. However, occasionally we need to extend the time between events to longer than a calendar month. Thus, the term “period” is used to represent the time between our in-person events.