Started in June 2010 by Erin Cronican & Marissa Mutascio, our entertainment networking events allow for a safe, fun and pressure-free way for people to forge connections, share resources and inspire action.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to be on Twitter to participate.

We don’t distinguish anyone by their industry role, social media savvy or experience level. We’re just focused on helping you make real connections with the hope of helping your career!




If you like what we’re doing please help spread the word:

  1. Invite people to our events: especially non-actors who want a relaxed and fun way to meet actors and other professionals. We welcome filmmakers, writers, producers, directors, choreographers, designers, casting directors, agents, managers, production crew… just about anyone who is looking to build their business in the performing arts. We’re great marketers, great fund raisers and great collaborators.
    Encourage your industry friends to take advantage of the incredible resources we provide!
  2. Invite people to join our official FB Group: Did you know Facebook is #1 place where our members interact & share resources between events?  Visit our Group Page and click “Add Friends To Group” to help us grow.
  3. Connect with us @NYActorsTweetup: Tweet us your updates, announcement, career successes & wishes…or include our official hashtag #NYActorsTweetup in your tweets.  If you’re involved with our group,  we’ll help you connect with resources and RT your requests to our many members!  How great is that?!