7 Tips for Networking in the Film Industry

I know you’ve heard the saying before: In Hollywood—and in life, really— “It’s all about who you know.” I agree that, in addition to training at a top acting studio, it is very important to know how to network in the film industry.
Your network is everything! Being surrounded by an uplifting, motivating network of people who believe in you and support you is crucial to your success in the film industry.
Here are seven tips for networking in the film industry.
1. Attend events that filmmakers, writers, and casting directors attend. Don’t get me wrong. I love actors. Before running a top acting studio in Los Angeles, I was a professional actor and dancer for 30 years! You should definitely fill your life with creative actor friends. However, often actors get so comfortable in their “actor” groups from class that they spend less time connecting with the people who are actually making casting decisions. Seek out events that you know directors, writers, producers, and casting directors will attend. Q&As are great. Screenings are also great. Charity events are also wonderful places to meet people! Be strategic. Do your research and expand your network to include a diverse

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