8 Ways to Get (and Keep) Blog Readers

If a blogger falls in a forest, and there’s no one around to see it…will Google still pick up the feed?
Ha! I crack myself up.
For those of us who spend time blogging, one of the more critical questions is: “How do I get people to read my blog?” After all, if we’re out there hustling to write content for the blogosphere, how valuable is it if no one reads it?
Have no fear. Here are eight great ways to get (and keep) blog readers:
1. Identify your audience. What are you blogging about, and what kinds of people would benefit from reading it? Build your blog around that audience, and use formatting, style, and verbiage to let your audience know exactly what your blog is all about, and why they should stay. This is called creating (and promoting) your “identity.”
2. Write relevant material to suit that audience. Now that you have identified your audience and know what kind of stuff you want to write, make sure that it remains relevant to your audience. If you veer off course (start talking about dinner recipes when your audience was specifically attracted to your acting career), you’ll run the risk of losing those hard-won followers. That said, there’s nothing

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