4 Ways Theater Actors Can Break Into TV/Film

With the incredible growth of on-camera markets in major U.S. cities (here’s looking at you, NYC, Atlanta and Chicago!), there are many theater actors wondering what it takes to add film or television work to their professional résumés.
Having an on-camera career is not as different from the theater as one might think. I’ll admit, they appear to have opposing viewpoints; theater seems larger than life while and on-camera work seems to focus on the inner life of the character. Further, one of the biggest differences between on-camera and theater is how they harness the audience’s attention. By editing the footage a very specific way, a film director tells the audience where to look. In theater it is up to the audience to create their experience using their own lens, looking at whatever part of the stage and actor they choose.
But the work we do as actors to bring a character to life is exactly the same for theater as it is for film or TV. The difference lies solely in the delivery of that characterization. When I coach actors on transitioning from theater to film/TV, I often hear their concern about “being too big for the camera.” The good news is you can easily overcome

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